07/04/24☆☆☆☆☆#TheBodyOfChristDoesntGetItsDoctrineFromActs 2.0

070524☆☆☆☆☆Acts is a transitional history book penned by Luke. In fact a word search of the word dispensation you will not find it in  Acts. Therein no such dispensation as the man made Mid-Acts.
The doctrine of #ChristHeavenlyMinistryOfReconciliation Given to the Body of Christ (2COR5.18-20) comes from Romans-Philemon (2COR3.1-6) penned by the apostle Paul as he received revelation from the RISEN Ascended Christ (GAL1.10-12; EPH1.17-23)
#HowToWinTheRISENAscendedChrist (PHIL3.7-9)
#BeYeReconciledToGodWithoutWorks: Repentance, i.e. you can’t repent of something you never heard aka the declared gospel of Christ, nor calling on the name of the Lord or by confession #HearTheDeclaredGospel (1COR15.1-4) Be ye reconciled to God (2COR5.18-20) by the hearing of and application of faith therein without duplicity of mind ☆V2b By which also ye are saved and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (GAL3.1-3; 7-9; 12-14) without water baptism (1COR12.12-14) @
Christ Reconciliation Ambassador (USA)
Licensed Min Al Strickland □ Put in HIS Given #OnlineWebMinistry #RightDivisionDoctrine #THEGRACECOMMISSION: (ROM16.24-27)
www.MinistryofReconciliation.world (USA)
God Ordained Evangelistic Faith Franchise.
1.4million plus heard the Gospel of Christ

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