Jesus made in the flesh under the law is everything Kingdom gospel (ROM 1:1-6). However HE was raised as the RISEN Christ made a quickening Spirit in a spiritual body is now everything gospel of Christ.  (1 COR 15:44-46; 2 COR 5:14-16). HE ascended and was seated in all power at the righthand of the Father (EPH 1:17-23). HIS blood simultaneously satisfied abolishing ( 2COR 3:12-15; COL 1:20-22) the #OldSchoolJewishReligion (GAL 3:23-25) OT law of Moses (ROM 10:3-5) and ratified the NT (2 COR 3:1-6; 7-9) under the unmerited grace of God (ROM 6:13-15; 1 COR 11:24-26). Postponed the Kingdom gospel with the publishing of the stand alone gospel of Christ (1 COR 15:1-4)

CAVEAT: According to the epistle of Christ: Romans-Philemon (2 COR 3:1-6) use of the (KJV) exclusively as many as be reconciled to God can claim this through the hearing and application of faith in…


The Glorious MyGospel✨️light (2 COR 4:5-7; GAL 3:7-9): The Unadultrated (KJV) [gospel of Christ: genuine; pure (1 COR 15:1-4). Not Corrupted; debased by a mixture with something of less value 2 COR 3:9-11].



The Righteous Requirement of God Today ( 1COR 15:1-4) (ROM 16:25-27) Be ye reconciled to God (ROM 5:8-11) (2 COR 5:19-21) Via the God revealed NT CONCISE 5MIN INTERNATIONAL APPEAL INSTRUCTIONS (KJV) (EPH 1:12-14; 2:8-10) The key to life eternal ROM 5:20-21 is found in taking HIS #OnlineWeb




Christ Reconciliation Ambassador

Licensed Min Al Strickland □ in HIS Given #OnlineWebMinistry #TheGraceCommission:


God Ordained Evangelistic Faith Franchise.

1.3million plus served the Gospel of Christ


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