NEW LOGO: The GOOD NEWS is the CONCISE 5MIN INTERNATIONAL APPEAL EPH 1:12-13 FEATURING the MYSTERY REVEALED *ILLUMINATION* AND *ENLIGHTMENT* of the SPIRIT of the MIND EPH 4:22-24 with the EVERLASTING MY 1 COR 15:1-4 GOSPELight✨️ 2 COR 4:6. The revelation according to the NT EPISTLE OF THE RISEN²CHRIST: Romans to Philemon 2 COR 3:1-6; EPH 1:17-23 For the APPLICATION of *FAITH* for all NATIONS ROM 16:25-26. www.MinistryOfReconciliation.World 2 COR 5:18-20 Listen Here (((Sound Doctrine))) TITUS 2:6-8

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