2 TIM 2:14-16; TITUS 2:7-9

☆ V5 Walk in [the indwelling Spirit of] wisdom [ROM 8:8-10; EPH 1:16-18] toward them that are without, redeeming the time COL 4:4-6.

PPe³PreachingPersonalEvangelism: 2 COR 4:5-7 Everybody, Everyday, Everywhere Stay in your Evangelism Express Lane: Romans-Philemon As you go store to store to shop by word of mouth or using flyers with the QR Code to

DirectPeopleToTheWebsiteForMoreInformation https://ministryofreconciliation.world/appeals

Meet the righteous requirement of God today ROM 16: 25-27; 2 COR 5:19-21; EPH 1:12-14; PHIL 3:8-10.

1.3MillionServedMY1 COR 15:1-4GOSPEL1GHT





     www.MinistryOfReconciliation.World @

https://ministryofreconciliation.world/appeals ||||||Non-denominationalOnlineWebMinistry|||||||


       #FromRomansThruPhilemon 2COR 3:1-6

         #ThroughRightDivision 2 TIM 2:14-16


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