Kingdom Gospel Postponed until the Kingdom Dispensation. Now is MY 1 CO R15:1-4GOSPEL preached in the dispensation of the unmerited grace of God for the hearing of faith and application of faith The righteous requirement of God today is met in following ROM 16:25-27; 2 COR 5:19-2; EPH 1:12-14. Today the gospel of the RISEN Christ 1 COR 15:1-4; EPH 1:17-23 is preached from the doctrine of Christ found in the NT Romans-Philemon 2 COR 3:1-6 rightly divided according to dispensations and peoples incontext 2 TIM 2:14-16(KJV).


1.2MillionServedMY1 COR 15:1-4 GOSPEL1GHT





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       #FromRomansThruPhilemon 2 COR 3:1-6

         #ThroughRightDivision 2 TIM 2:14-16


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