❤️ #HappyMothersDay2023

❤️ #HappyMothersDay2023❤️ Present and in Memorandum ☆But *speak thou the things which *become *sound doctrine*: 2 That the aged men be *sober, *grave, *temperate, *sound in faith, in *charity, in *patience. 3 The aged *women likewise*, that they be *in behaviour as becometh holiness*, not false accusers, not given to much wine, *teachers of good things* 4That they may *teach the young women* to be *sober, to *love their husbands, to *love their children, TITUS 2:1-4;SO’BER, a. [L. sobrius.]1.  *Temperate in the use of spiritous liquors*; *habitually temperate*; as a sober man.  *Live a *sober, *righteous and *godly life.2.  Not *intoxicated or overpowered* by *spiritous liquors*; *not drunken* [V15 And *be not drunk* with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit EPH 2:14-16];3.  *Not mad or insane*; not *wild, *visionary or *heated with passion*; having the regular exercise of cool dispassionate reason. 4.  Regular; calm; not under the influence of passion; as sober judgment; a man in his sober senses.5.  Serious; solemn; grave…. -Websters1828DictionaryHIS Story Iconic Sound Doctrine TITUS 2:6-8https://ministryofreconciliation.world/enlighten/

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